The accident tax will be terminated next year

From 1 January 2019 the so-called accident tax on compulsory motor insurance will be terminated. The so-called tax rate of 30 percent is replaced by a so-called insurance tax, of which the key is 23 percent, "M1 said.

Those who re-enter into their contract after 1 January 2019 or become an insurer are affected by the change. Those who currently have their compulsory motor insurance policy do not change anything. Current contracts are not affected by the amendment of the law.

Instead of the customer, the companies pay the tax

Tax duties in connection with the compulsory liability insurance for motor vehicles (kgfb) will in the future be provided by insurers. Previously it was that the accident tax was applied as a separate item in the bail, against payment and paid by the customer. With the change now, instead of the accident tax, the incoming insurance tax should be paid by the companies to the budget.

This will affect the kgfb price, instead of the 30 percent tax, it will go into a tax rate of 23 percent with the corresponding tax implications. As the law says, it is budget neutral in terms of budget, it has no revenue surplus in the budget and it is not lost either.

Anniversary is the end of the insurance

Because the insurance market is very competitive, there may be a price drop for individual companies. Once a year we have the possibility to cancel the insurance or enter into a contract with another insurer.

The jubilee takes place one year after the entry into force of the Treaty, the next jubilee another year and so on. This is the case with the 2010 contracts, the jubilee is always open on 31 December or 1 January. The insurer must inform the customer at least 50 days prior to the anniversary.

This content shows the percentage of insurance premiums for the following year. We can change the insurance to cancel our current insurance until 30 days before the anniversary and choose another one, which of course starts at least until the new insurance period begins, we have to make a commitment – he said in the show.

Worth paying attention

If you have more than one insurance company for a company, you can get a better price. Insurers set their rates on the basis of the parameters of the contractor or the insured vehicle, it is possible that another insurer imposes higher or lower reimbursements on other parameters. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the pitfalls, since most insurers apply a so-called co-insurance benefit, which may also affect your mandatory premium, cascot and home insurance.

That is, if someone takes back their mandate to another insurance company, it may lose the benefits of the other contracts. In the case of a new kgfb contract, the customer will be placed in the so-called A00 category. The costs fall automatically after accident-free years, which is called a bonus classification. In the case of damage, however, the height of the insurance increases, the name is called mosaic classification.

If we have unsafe years, we always get a positive, a bonus and even a bonus of 1 to bonus up to 10, of course bonus 10 is the best, from there you can not really go up and that's about half the price it means that in comparison with A0, and if we do a lot of damage, we can get moose 4, which in turn could double the price compared to the middle A0.

A new kgfb contract must be concluded with the purchase of a car. If this is later done by the owner, he must pay a so-called inertia compensation for that period. This rate is multiplied by the daily amount of the insurance.

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