The authorities did not allow Gábor Iványi to feed food-destructive asylum seekers

Gábor Iványi (via

The authorities have not allowed Gábor Iványi to bring food to asylum seekers who have not been eaten in the transit zone of Rézszék. The leader of the gospel of the Hungarian gospel community gave a call on Sunday to bring food to the border and tried to transfer bread, apples and canned food on Monday morning.

At the first transition zone in Röszke you received the answer that you did not have permission. Then he tried to get permission for hours in Mórahalom and Szeged at the Immigration and Nationality Office. He never received a valid answer, there was no one who knew himself as competent, it was not clear who was employed, and usually only spoke to security personnel.

"Power did not show his face, it looked like an impenetrable seaweed," said Iványi Gábor, who was shocked to see

"We are here 1018 years after we decide to belong to Europe".

He also tried from Serbia, from where he could not reach the transit zone. Eventually he was assigned to an Anatolian priest to deliver the package to the needy.

Anyone who wants to eat must contact the court

Thursday, on the basis of the report of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the index was written by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee that, in the transit zone on the southern border, the Hungarian authorities did not want to give up asylum seekers who had rejected the asylum application at first instance. wanted to make a final decision. So they tried to make them return to Serbia.

After the Helsinki Committee had applied for a provisional measure from the Strasbourg Committee on 10 August, it still required the Hungarian authorities to give up two affected families. On that day they were cared for, but two mature Syrs were told the next day that they wanted to eat, turned to court.



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