The Danube is also on record places

Even at the top of the box Dunn was the lowest record ever in a day, but according to the predictions, there are no more levels in the next few days.

According to the National Technical Truth (OMIT) Ercsin reported 67 centimeters and the record of the previous year was 36 centimeters in 1970.

It was also worth the record at Dunafldvron and Dunajvros.

Dunafldvron, the mnus recorded in December 2011, was 172 centimeters lower than an inch, and in Dunajvros the mnus 55 centimeter record of 2016 was worth about 3 centimeters.In the morning of the morning Budapest had a score of 61 centimeters, which is tz cent more than the smallest, 51 centimeters recorded in 2003.

Margaret Island is also a member of the vzbl on the Margit hd-sideForrs: MTI / Mth Zoltn

How are you?

The average 24 inch was an inch apad, according to the latest meteorological predictions however, in the next six days the Danube is the highest in the world.On the high-rise Saturday, Budapest can follow the trend on the same day.

The OMIT is of the opinion that the low levels of pollution will continue to worsen the rckevei soroksri Duna-g nature plant, whereby the water will be transported by the temporary mobile cigarettes.

Because of the dunes of the Danube it has been more than a week since the nsg-rock in Szabadsg hd kzelbenForrs: MTI / Mth Zoltn

Also, according to the studies, it is true that there is a high quality in the upper and lower sections, kzps, but the low side, the delayed rahms due to the high vzhmrsklet, mainly in the kzps department, the oxignhinyos can develop.

The Romans have an extensive system of specilis, which critically characterizes the Vzminsni paramteries, while the prey has been subjected to air systems in Dunaharaszti, the Rzsa island, the island of Molnr and the island of hdnl.

To avoid the unfortunate effects of the crisis, a temporary prisoner could be deported to OMIT in the coming days.

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