The day came when the public media were of the opinion that they had to write about Orbán Ráhel

After having been around DK in the Tuesday Western light photo's of how Orhel Ráhel puts a bag of annoying diapers on the edge of the Croatian highway, and this was shared by Ferenc Gyurcsány, the Croatian press would be the news of the waste of the premier's daughter and widow.

After astonishing numbers of people have shared the news about this (the original message has more than 85,000 flips), the public media felt it should finally talk about it., on Wednesday "Little Hungarian Gyurcsányi Kostistocracy" That is about it is not so much about the opposition to the Orbán government that they are being attacked by a dirty diaper. Public media hardly ever had news about Orbán about Ráhel, but ignored news about him, such as the rumors about tourism or the Bahrain talks.

Photo: Facebook page of Viktor Orbán

Otherwise the week is still there public affairsthat the Jutarnji list quoted a question in the Croatian daily newspaper at the office of Viktor Orbán, in which he expected a declaration for the landfill. (They were not answered by the head of government until the closing date of the vote – says Immediate.)



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