the government also sees Soros while referring to herself

Although it was clear that those who arrived in the transit area were not allowed to eat, the government says that this is only distributed by the Soros organizations – although the relevant legislation is clear.

Hungarian laws clearly state that all migrants in an emergency situation in the transit zone have access to and receive care; if the asylum seeker's request is rejected, he must leave the transit zone, which is clearly regulated by the legislation – the Government Information Center said Friday in a statement to the telegraph office.

According to the KTK news about the hunger of asylum seekers is nothing more than a new lie from the Soros organizations. The Hungarian state "sacrifices" more than 700 thousand forints per year for these asylum seekers – she added.

Forced inhumanity

The reference to legislation is a minimum because the Hungarian government has just formed the asylum procedure to automatically prevent the arrival of arrivals at the southern border.

Since the Hungarian government considers that Serbia is a safe third country for migration, all requests from migrants from Serbia can be rejected for this reason.

According to the regulation, which varies from 1 July, it is not necessary to feed those whose asylum applications have previously been rejected – only the minors and pregnant women are obliged to provide the state. The authorities also have this possibility:

the guards of the transit zones did not accept the food donation from the Gospel Community of Hungary, so it was not the case that the authorities did not want to spend government money on food. They simply prevented humanitarian aid.

Immigrants, however, have the legal capacity to sue their decision to reject their application: they must be until the end of the new procedure in the Tompai or Röszke transit area – the vicious trick is that they not getting food.

The inhuman procedure was terminated by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the organization turned to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and, after the warning of the panel, they were given food again for immigrants waiting to reconsider their request.

According to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the state has found its way through a legal loophole to enforce refugees, despite the existing regulations.

"… it talks a lot about the functioning of the Hungarian state that a government agency today has to look for legal loopholes to maintain the basic supply conditions in a closed institution."

said the defense organization in a statement with some sharpness. The government also made a lie in the previous national consultation on the group, which caused the JTS to make corrections.

Just ask in their press release from Friday Among the Soros organizations, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee – possibly the evangelical evangelical brotherhood led by Gábor Iványi, who, following the teachings of Christ, brought fish and bread to the needy in the transit zone. (In the article I wrongly wrote that the food distribution was organized by the Hungarian evangelical church and that the Court of Strasbourg would be an EU body.)

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