The greatest urgency of the country can remain without the doctor

  • If the problems of the emergency department of the Honvéd hospital are not solved, the remnants of the doctors in the department can also be terminated.
  • Gábor Zacher was 4.5 years old to improve the situation, failed.
  • The unexpected termination of the known doctor of the media is also bad for the status of those in the class, since he has to be replaced.
  • His successor would be Béla Burány, who has already been deployed as the leader of the OMSZ, but in any case he has strong support from the government.
  • No one wonders what the opinion is of those who have complained to one of the doctors at the emergency department.

Compared with the main emergency services in Budapest, scandals are being carried out around the emergency medical care of the Honvéd hospital.

The latest development is the departure of the head of the department, Gábor Zacher. Behind departure there is a long time shortage of staff and equipment in the department. This appears in any case from the letter from Zacker, which István Szabó addressed to the Honorary Hospital, and which lists the outstanding problems. Zacher in the letter concludes that it is the largest emergency service in the classroom and in Budapest

"By the end of the first third of October, it will become unusable with the current staff and instrumentation".

A very good poisonous toxicologist in the media, Zacher made similar thoughts a few days ago at a medical conference, but removed the recording that was made there.

In the meantime, 444 hospital care tools confirmed that, in place of Zacher, the former new leader, Béla Burány, who led the National Ambulance Service between 2013 and 2015, was virtually excluded but was not satisfied with his work. According to his acquaintances Burani, who has a good backside with the government, would not be in an unknown environment: he was already on his way to Honved's emergency before he was appointed the top of the OMSZ.

"That's what we'll do again." The child is what Zacher does, but the arrival of Burány is even worse "

Said a doctor who had worked in the department for years. (And you still want to stay here, so he did not call his name.)

The biggest emergency room in Budapest

Zacher has led the class since 2014, and although he has emphasized that he "refers to the problems of personal and device disorders for years", the colleagues have not felt too much about it.

Nothing has improved since the takeover of the class because the lack of staff, for example, was not so depressing in 2014, not enough, but since then only the number of doctors and nurses and administrators has decreased. Currently, four specialists carry out the tasks, with an optimal occupancy of 10 people. With staff, nurses and administrators, they now need 150, but at least 200, to provide 200 patients who come to their emergency. (For comparison: the urgency of Budapest is 50-100 patients per day, after the Honved the two largest SBOs in Tétényi and the South Pesti hospital, 100-100 patients daily.)

"Halfway through I am looking for a doctor in a position comparable to any other urgency, only the job is kept here, I really like this class, this is my life"

"Said the doctor who fears the head of the classroom, regardless of their opinion of who the leader is, and what the operation will be, and more charges are expected.

One of the most famous, most decisive doctors in the country, Zacher and the hospitals (including the HM), no longer helps the class, but can only draw attention to the real problems of care.

The Honvéd hospital is not just a government agency. Because it is part of the Ministry of Defense and a substantial part of its staff is a soldier, the public is rarely aware of the hospital's concerns unless they experience it as a patient.

According to the Honvéd Hospital announcement: "Gábor Zacher led the Emergency Hospital Center for four and a half years, of which almost 200 specialists have left, some of which is due to the Chief Medical Officer."

According to an anonymous physician, there was a considerable departure from the class, even before the arrival of Zacher, a fact that did not stop under the guidance of Zacher, and even the degree of it did not diminish, but in the current health care it is of course not only the responsible department.
Even those in the classroom do not even know whether Zacher's ability to enforce interests was weak against hospitals or HM or not really tried.

Old devices, overloaded class

Zacher is a very smart media player, as we have mentioned several times, and many around the world are fond of a direct, unusual vocal style of doctors. In his class his subordinates did not love him at all. He did not make a real relationship with colleagues, he barely communicated with his deputies, and one of them said this. Because of the ineffective leadership, more people have left the classroom, but they are justified by the critical findings in the hospitals' communication.

As mentioned by our source, they often felt that they did not deal with them and nobody represented their interests: "We remained untouched and unmarried." Last month doctors received no emergency payments due to an administrative error. This summer the salaries of nurses have been omitted.

Although it is true that it is one of the best equipped hospitals in the country, just like the official announcements, this only partially means that it would be a dreamer to work there: the urgency of payments – doctors, nurses, administrators and patient transporters alike. – low compared to other classes; Special equipment (X-ray, CT, MRI) and consumables (medicines, bandages) are well maintained in Hungary – thanks to the fact that most specialized classrooms work here – but the standard equipment is below quality. "He has not received any class monitors since 2007. We do not have new beds either. & # 39;

In May it went so far that the department wrote a letter to the commander, who was also signed by Zacher. In this case they gave a quasi-ultimatum to management that would follow a series of allegations if the situation did not improve because it was the risk of the patients. The hospital management asked for postponement until 3 September to arrange the situation.

Zacher did not have much to lose, his contract expired on December 31 of this year, which was not meant by the management of the hospital. Nowadays, it is difficult for the remaining doctors to work for immediate termination, since he is on duty and because of the lack of staff, the remaining four can not solve his replacement.

Set for ready position

"This is what Gábor is just doing to us …" said an anonymous doctor who said that the emergency department would just be unusable. The doctors could not even get rid of them at all, or they would not be able to lose 30 to 60 days of congestion. Replacement can not be solved because no emergency department can be found.

Although the management of the hospital has promised to arrange the situation by 3 September, they feel really ready: the former head of the class, Béla Burány, calls the classroom as head of the department, so hospital management has called for Job. (For the time being, the Honvéd hospital has not ratified the appointment of Burány.)

There is not much to say about Burka in the classroom, but his departure in 2013 was quite sudden and then to go to the rescue service in 2015 when the promised developments collapsed.

But Burano had a recent 2008 affair that also had a national reputation: served as a ward-master, that is, as a leader in the rescue of a bus accident involving five wounded children. During the rescue, one of the children was wrongly declared dead and discharged. From the embarrassing and complicated case – in which Burani was heard as a witness and then released – he was caught on the 24th.

After being appointed to the head of the OMSZ, Burany searched for his successor for half a year. Zacher finally came, and although in the beginning – precisely because of his awareness and promise that he was being seduced by the Elisabeth hospital (street Péterfy Sándor) – he was very optimistic about the department. But this hope remained hopeful and Zacher could not improve the situation over the years.

In class they usually do not understand why not one of the practitioners who have been urgent for many years has worked there. In any case, if Burány is really the head of the department, our source says that the remaining four doctors will not tolerate it.



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