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"My pleasure is only to be greater than the fairies have found worthy of the price I was in a loving environment in my hometown and I want to thank you," said the Boldog Gizella Prize, made by the Civilian Foundation Hódmezővásárhely Foundation, with a milky way at the Bessenyi Ferenc Cultural Center in the city of Bessenyi. Éva Berta.

The Happy Gizella Award was presented in Vásárhely. Photo: János Török - GALLERY

Her husband, Dr. Lajos Páger said it: he is very proud of the recognition that they have been working for 94 years. The prize was honored on August 19, right at the 48th wedding anniversary. Previously he said in the festive speech of the parliamentary representative János Lázár, Péter Kószó, chairman of the board, the idea of ​​the prize: there are still many tasks and duties waiting for us to defend the Christian Europe and to keep. She closed her speech and barked at the mouthpiece.

Peter Kószó emphasized that respect for civil society is the greatest recognition of civil society, and the doctor now married.

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