The helm was thrown into the tube of ugly researchers –

PTAs have been dismissed by the government and the Institute of Political History (PTI), but the legal press has recently joined the government press, the PTI has tolerated it for a while, but now it has "supported all bases" "" also wrote about the debate, the essence of which is that the PTI and the state have been debating since 2012 because the institute has recently hosted a former justice palace in the Ethnographic Museum in the years & 90; , and use the building for free for a 1996 contract.

But the government really wants to move from there – the house is scheduled to be set up – and although the state has been fired by three courts,

More recently, the government press launched an attack on PTI, several communists, and in the Hungarian era they were called tubers .PTI responded to these articles on a Facebook post, called

according to the PTI, they are acclaimed and acclaimed academia ici at their disposal. They noted that many researchers were looking for them, for example the Veritas Research Institute of the Orbit government. Their fairs include names in the Fidesz area, such as Ágoston Mráz, András Cser-Palkovics or Tamás Fricz.

Bookcover: The Ethnographic Museum, On Kossuth Square / photo: Google Street-view

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