The Hungarians are languishing in the year 2018, their princes and Hungarians

Thousands of years ago, when the Istrian king came from the core in Eurp, who turned against the cross of the throne, the head of the throne and the virgin, the Hungarians fought with the brothers and died with their princes and their fathers, that is the seat of Pestor Istvn, the Hungarian Confederation of Vajdas, and the seat of Vojvodina County, in the central part of Palic, on 20 August.

"It was the 2018 Hungarian sovereignty that was ruled by the nation, even Hungarians of Vajdas" Pisztor Istvn

states that the most important music of Saint Stephen today is that we "accompany" us for the only possible policy that was to preserve the Hungarians. "Let our holy sanctuaries remember it, let us have the knowledge and the comfort, the strength and the will to lead us," he said. "Let's get baptized to buy the ideological handles, because only this can hold us, Hungarians in Europe, where St. Stephen is filled with us."

"Our livelihood with all the people we accompany with us we have to keep it safely in a safe place it is a safe home, a home belonging to an innocent, helpless gynecologist " said Psztor Istvn, "it's great to say that you can say it and accept it and accept the policy of Tbbsgi

During the event, Levente Magyar, Klgazdasgi and Klgyminisztrium (State Secretary of Parliament) stressed: the Hungarian house will to remove the sinister revelation and the majestic knitted cloth, to regain his reputation as a writer and writer
He hung up: Hungary gets a lot of income from the nation, and he also owns Vajdasgot. " to make Vajdasg do this, "he said

He declared that the Hungarian revival was not possible in Serbia, which the Serbs also recognized." The time is over, "he said. time that everyone threatened, exposed the world, denounced religious and cultural loyalties of Hungarians and Serbs. He must have added that the Bosnian Serbs also defend the sovereignty and conspiracy of the deceitful country, making them hunger for the Hungarians – he did. He said that the Serbs do not have the right language and "want to help them"

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