The leader of the People's Party expects a compromise from Orban

According to Manfred Weber, the European People's Party (EPP) expects Viktor Orbán to compromise on the Sargentini report. The leader of the EPP Group European Parliament, Vice-President of the Christian Christian Social Union (CSU), and the presidential candidate for the European Commission, said this in an interview with Le Monde.

"We expect from Viktor Orbán that he will reach his European partners this week and show a compromise, but if you do not, I will find very difficult debates within the EPP," said the group chairman who said
In the debate with Hungary, the EPP strives to preserve European unity and build bridges, but its conditions are European values ​​and they can not be a bargain.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán receives Manfred Webert, leader of the European People's Party in parliament (Photo: Koszticsák Szilárd / MTI)

According to Weber, the submission under Article 7 is "a radical decision, it is the first time that Parliament has taken such an initiative in Strasbourg".

"I can not tell the result of my party beforehand (…) I do not know what Viktor Orbán will say, let's hear it first."

– stressed the German politician who recalled that there was already a vote during the preparatory work of the Parliamentary Committee on Civil Liberties, where half of the EPP members voted on the application of Article 7. He also said that the situation in Hungary already has sharp criticism within the EPP.

The future

Weber has made the elections to the European Parliament in May a historic and decisive moment for the future of the European Union. As a top priority, it has identified democracy, unity and an ambitious approach within the EU which, in its view, can not be achieved "in the next elections without a stable majority in Europe".

"That's why I feel very close to my social-democratic and liberal friends, we are the three political formations that are the savers of the future of the Union," said the group chairman, "dedicated to the fact that no right-wing extremist power has an important function. can acquire during this election period. "

"These people are enemies, they can not play any role in EU institutions and we will fight them in the European election campaign," said Manfred Weber. (MTI)



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