The mayor, sentenced to the Wallop, was arrested in Bódvarák

Independent Miklós Attila Dógóczi became the interim mayor of Bódvarákó in the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén district on Sunday, said Vilmos Vécsei, notary at MTI.

Of the 84 constituencies of the settlement, 67 voted, 49 of whom voted for the candidate. The Árpád Farkas, which also started independently, got 18 votes.

The interim election was made because the former head of the village had to reject him for injustice. This head of the city was the now defeated Árpád Farkas.

The election of the mayor was preceded by a one and a half year old warrior. The former mayor was in no hurry to tell him that he had been convicted, but then the verdict had once appeared mysteriously in the middle of a village on a plastic chair.

Then the MP still voted to be unworthy of his position (he was a member of the three board members), but later the court ruled that this was the case. We went to the village on Thursday, read the whole story here.



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