The Midi Station will close completely for two weeks

In fact, it was accidentally noticed that the South Station would soon be closed for two weeks. heard this and then contacted the MÁV to verify the veracity of the information and the railway company of the state fired that yes,

indeed, from the 4th to the 17th of October the complete stop of the South Railway Station will take place.

Afterwards it is a pity that the railway company writes that the railway company provides detailed information about the works and the change of train traffic by the press.

The reason: urgent maintenance work.

In two weeks' time, urgent maintenance work will be carried out on tracks, gears, traffic control equipment, overhead lines, tunnel tracks, retaining walls and platforms that can not be carried out while retaining train traffic. The maintenance was scheduled after the summer schedule, so that the trips in Balaton during the tourist season were no longer touched by the railway lock.

(Featured image: Budapest, March 17, 2017) MÁV Start Zrt. In search of advanced Stadler FLIRT train trains in the 1st district of the capital, on the tracks of the southern train station (MTVA / Bizományosi: Csaba Jászai).

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