the old man Rezesova had left the cruel rooms of the people

A few minutes later, the Slovenian millionaire Eva Rezesov, the former Slovenian minister, was released. However, he was released for 9 years, but he was released for 6 years. One man died because of his cruel condition, while in 2012 he drove his luxury car in the M3 with his car. Hrman died on the spot, and a fourth man was not far behind.

A fehr luxurious meal came in with the millionaire millionaire in the grocery store. He was led by autt sofrt. Rezesova's mother and sister came out of the car. The other was free, but he did not want money.

Eva Rezesovra is the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law and the mother-in-lawForrs: Origo

Rezesova was wearing jeans, in a small shirt, in sunglasses, with a napkin in the garden of the street Nagy Ignác. On the street he found the man and the mother, so that he would rattle on a single bed, his belts on his chest, and they drove away.

Eva Rezesova has worked on the M3 since she was in the garage

With the allowance faster he had driven 165 cars with a luxury car to a couple of cars, a Fiat Punt, which came out of the box.

They traveled free over the river: a body and a finger. There was no reason for it, they died immediately, with the fourth man, a few days ago, but they could not be saved.

Otherwise he said in the mentau:

did not I die with the stars? "

For him, just as some bodyguards died a few minutes earlier, the fjj and the sgorn could have been slothy for the gsi srls.

The motive in the reasoning was that things were completely wrong in the accident. This was the most important in the fact that first there was a sharper purchase than before.

By clicking on the button, you see galeriaPhoto: Tuba Zoltn – Origo

He was killed during the first round of elections, which was nine times more violent in 2004, leaving only six of them released. Of course you come into the drama in that period that you were in the past, and you could get rid of it today.

The lawyer's joke said reasonably that the brn said:

Rezesova did not reach the act and he only regretted the truth.

The Millionaire has noticed it the last time and he has decided to become a bit of a clown.

Photo: Tuba Zoltn – Origo

Experts went, a sharper negotiating bow

According to the report, at the beginning of the trial, the seconded professor was not responsible for the technical profession.

since Rezesova has received the certificate for the first trial. During the first test assignment he also gave the br, but in the meantime Kovcs was not Rezesova, but he had to practice an independent technical profession.
However, according to the reporthe was not independent at all. More than that, this is what the brn said, according to the brn it was unusually impetuous, it had 17 insurgents, although the insurgents are usually not a specialty.Furthermore, the workman of the team was also in the top of the more co-funded j-specialists. His other specialty was less favorable than Rezesovra nzve.

Rezesova-per, tlethirdets, 09. 09. 2014.Photo: Bielik Istvn – Origo

Most of the time he also escapes the technical expert of Rezesovk because he did not have a professional spotless job.

The technical specialists can swear by the fact that the law has become stricter.

The incident happened only in Rezesova, except for his ignorance because of his dumbbell, he could not avoid the accident. It was not the case that Fiatj's fault caused the car to ignite. It was not known that the Fiat would have been a problem. It was a well-maintained car said the brn.

From Rezesova's grandmother she is a shining cross in the sun to get rid of her. The Budapest brsg accepted the Crete.

It will be a lot for the millionaire to do this, if you come to the next morning, to go back to the supermarket one by one.

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