The Refugee for Refugees for Refugees compensated their families for the blunders

A year ago, in September last year, she recognized the name of Őcsény. Migration Aid wanted refugee status in the settlement in Tolna province for a few days to house families in the country. After the accommodation was booked, the news broke out and anger broke out: a panic was threatened with death and the dawn of his car was skinned at sunrise. Because of the scandal, even the mayor, who has lived in the village for 11 years, has resigned.

Viktor Orbán approached the events in Jecsény: the fact that he wrestled so violently and noticed the village community.

The police did not think: the threatening rubber band was caught, was convicted in court for compensation. Zoltán Fenyvesi received the 120,000 forint at the time,

he entered the Migration Aid office and offered the money to spend on refugee families.




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