The Sargentini brand is a secret part of the country

The European Commission pays one third of the cost of the Hungarian border, Gergely Gulys said. The head of the cabinet also came to the conclusion that the last, desperate Kyrgyz Sargentini signifiers in the current parliamentary period in Eupühle for the conquest of the Prussian Republic was that it was the most impotent of the Hungarian government and the Hungarians to defeat Hungary. .

The last, desperate kangaroo of Sargentini in the current EP parliamentary period (EP) is that it is against the victorious that the most powerless Hungarian army and the Hungarian capital are defeated, said the minister of the ministry. Gergely Gulys said, the document is flashy of the countryside and has the character of the letters you received with the European Commission before you arrived in Hungary.
In the EP, they can vote in favor of the delegation, they will oppose or protest against Illyrian sympathy, "he said." Krdsre, Viktor Orbn, who will attend the EP plenary, has the task of to be plundered as unfounded, unfortunate tmads The politician expressed the impression that there are some MEPs who can influence the pots.

The European Commission pays the balance

The European Commission has paid EUR 54 billion to Hungary for migration of about 900 millisons, thereby recognizing that the country is the one that has the power of the union – explained the Minister of the Interior. Gergely Gulys said that the committee has approved more than 300 milliseconds of the releases and that currently 54 billion euros will be available.

Gergely Gulys: the commissions are brought on the hate costsForrs: MTI / Szigetvry Zsolt

The minister recalled that everyone in the sixty-sixth pleaded for it and that the fact that Hungary was the only one in that country. He commented: the commission does not directly fund gardening, but it also comes with a number of security problems.

Finish the Lnchidat

In accordance with the law, the government will support the Lnchd and the Lnth Hall of the Lvb, with a budget of about one thousand forints, the Minister of the Interior. At the same time, the government did not want to be kept informed of Gergely Gulys, who put it: it would be technically possible to find a brilliant organizer. He added: the famous festival is also on the Hd Pest side of Szkhnyi tr.

Gergely Gulys also announced that the e-tdj will increase by about 5.8 cents from 1 January, with a positive result in the form of a "village floor", which will ensure that the least-developed rural areas will develop. He also said that the 10-day autplya sticker will rise from $ 2975 to 3,500.

School-supported tmogats have come

In the light of the school curriculum, there were a few thousand creditors, nearly 1.2 million who were eligible to spend more than a thousand and forty thousand guilders, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Gergely Gulys also said that they had access to free tanks for class 9 for more than one thousandth of a year.

As a result, in 2019 he spent 11 billion forint in this magazine, more than a quarter of a century more than in 2010. More than 600 thousand children came to school at our school for free or for a fee, while it was worth 300,000 in 2010. This amounted to eighteen hundred and thirty million forints and more than 72 millisons.

"Everything is counterproductive in this way"

Viktor Orbn and the Italian Minister of Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini react in a few minutes to a few words from the Frenchman Emmanuel Macron by Gergely Gulys. One side of the Eurasian politics wants to get the continent out of Illyrian sympathy, while on the other hand the uncontrollable migration supports. The French part belongs to the last one, "he remarked.

For many people the trcavezet stated: all menadkkr get full access to transit, but you do not have the right thing to do. All this was false.

The Minister also received the honor of Mr. Manfred Webert, Chief of Staff of the Eurasian Communist Party, who proposed the European Commission. Gergely Gulys said: official government did not start, but at the same time the politician in the nt was able to keep the faction unit in the difficult situation and was always a correct trgyal partner. He also said that the Hungarian government would have the right to accept a nominee if it was a mg npprti.

Arrl has also been involved, and there have been some big friends in Budapest for a long time who have the opportunity to help the political party in the country. Our minister welcomes David B. Cornsteint in the knife – he added. Gergely Gulys also said that the government did not want to stop abortion.

Krdsre also said that he did not believe that the current proposal would make the national core curriculum available in a form, but the discussion material would give everyone the opportunity to elaborate.

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