The Sargentini meant a traumatic weapon against Hungary

The Sargentini report is a track recorder against Hungary, which raises the government's charges with the European Commission – said Csaba Dmtr, the cabinet of the Cabinet of Ministers, M1 Actula channel in the evening.

According to Csaba Dmtr, politicians in migration are currently in the European Parliament,

while the Eurovision countries have a problem with the problem of illegal immigration of 70.

The secretary of the secretariat, referring to the investigation in Thessaloniki, suggested that further research shows that migrants were present at the crimes in Europe. In the opinion of parliamentary elections in the European Parliament, it is much more difficult to find economic prospects.

We will end Europe with more than a decade; when we are buried in the defensive village politics, we can no longer correct it.

Budapest, 2018. mjus 22. Csaba Dmtr, cabinet office of the cabinet of ministers, after receiving the appointment certificate from the Jnos publishing house (htul) on the Orzghz Gobelin term 2018 22Forrs: MTI / Kovcs Tams

it is clear that this is the kind of art in Europe that up to now builds the political lines. There is one page, one of which supports the migrants and the other side is completely against it – said Csaba Dmtr. He told me about this

the Sargentini sign means a tool that Hungary wants to write in the migration camp.

Known, the signifiers

  • the system of benefits in which Hungary has not purchased,
  • there is also the Stop Soros suite that can be used by the enthusiastic organizer of Illeglis,
  • calls on the more and more recognized legal framework in Europe,
  • he has a terrorist who threw his hat on his arm.

Our great Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbn, took a sober account of Sargentini's debate, which was held on 11 September in the EP plenary.

The Hungarian government is on the Hungarian side

Csaba Dmtr also said that the Hungarian government, contrary to the Eurosystem's single policy, could determine what is useful for Hungary. He stressed that the national political identity, national identities and widespread policies of all of Europe have been the mainstay of migration in Italy, Austria and the United States.

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