The state-of-the-art music palace of Budapest is built in the garden

Thanks to the Liget Budapest project, the Miracle palace will be opened at the end of 2020.

The iconic building, designed by the world-famous Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, is located on the site of the worn out office buildings of Hungexpo and construction will begin soon. The House of Hungarian music with a special emphasis on the balance of nature and the built environment will be an airy, open and permeable building. At transfer, thousands of square meters of green space are returned to the park. The iconic building will function as an educational, museum and concert venue. With the House of Hungarian music opens a new cultural institution and community space in the Városliget.

The external visual aspect of the House of Hungarian music built under the Liget Budapest Project (photo:

The external aspect of the House of Hungarian music (photo:

The underground level of the building will be the place of exhibitions that will change the traditional museum experience with exciting exhibitions and state-of-the-art technological solutions. On the ground floor of the building there is a concert hall and an open-air stage that introduces the public to the wonderful world of music with the introduction of well-known and less popular artists and music styles.

Next to the exhibition halls there is a hangar in the building. In a special semi-circular dome space, unique sound technology creates soundtracks, so that the visitor can experience the musical and imaginary world of exciting locations, whether it is the nature of the Amazon rainforest, dancing in a Transylvian wedding or a symphonic concert experience.

Keep listening to the three-story building of the Hungarian House of Music, where I have a special sound station! We show you what the iconic building of the Hungarian House of Music was designed by the world famous Japanese architect in the city park. Click here to see the spectacular elements of the building being built.

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