The storm was carried out with trams in Budapest

Due to the stormy weather, a large part of Budapest's trams could not travel on a full route on Sunday evening. According to the BKK information, to close

  • there is a replacement bus between Ecseri út M and Gubacsi út / Határ út instead of tram 3,
  • instead of tram 52, between Határ út M and Jókai Mór utca / Határ út,
  • the tram 56A does not run between Dózsa György tér M and Hűvösvölgy,
  • the tram no. 61 runs between the Móricz Zsigmond circle between M and Hűvösvölgy.
  • tram 59A does not run between Széll Kálmán Square M and Áron Márton,
  • the tram no. 17 runs between Móricz Zsigmond circle M and the road Budaörsi / Villányi,
  • tram 19 runs between Ádám Clark and Kelenföld train station M,
  • tram 41 does not run between Áldám Clark and Újbuda center M.
  • tram 47 does not run between Deák Ferenc Square M and Újbuda Center M,
  • tram number 49 runs between Deák Ferenc tér M and Kelenföld train station M.
  • tram 2 does not run between Boráros square H and the road bridge H,
  • the trams 24 and 28A do not have the full line,
  • trams no. 3 and tram no. 69 do not travel between the Mexican M road and the King Lajos / Czobor street.

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