The tickets sold prove that they changed seats in May and June –

The tickets sold show that they changed seats in May and June this year

More than 1.2 million people have made tickets to the Budapest baths in high season, indicating that despite the rainy, cold June, despite the continuous growth in the number of years, the number of Wednesday, Szilvia Czinege, Budapest & # 39; s Spa and Hévizei Zrt. Director of Marketing.

After the warm summer summer, the 21 percent surplus, the day after the outbreak of the day, a complete turnaround took place, resulting in a decline of 19 percent in the beach season in June. That is to say, we could say that he changed places this year in May and June for tenders, which only lends itself to the fact that the May rose with a lower base compared to a lower base in June, and that in May and June contributed to the growth of the season as a whole and not to a decline.

Then, in July, 6 percent and 8 percent more in August, which is a very good result, said Szilvia Czinege – because of the seasonal heat shocks last summer the base was high, which was overtaken, so much so that compared to the peak summer of 2017 also ended in August.

At that time, Budapest's beaches and spa "s reached the 522,000 day ticket buyers who are approaching the 530,000-month record of sixteen years ago. Last year, lasting and very warm in August, the 461,000 day pass was also excellent.


Book cover: Strand Fesztivál 2018, photo: Rockstar photographers / Polyák Attila

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