Therese Road Bomb: the father of László P. promises surprise

The second hearing is made in secret.

The father of László Péter, who was sentenced to death by Teréz as a prisoner of terror, was sentenced to Blikk and said that his son did not accept the sentence, but did not break it. He trusts that the judge will become innocent in the second instance.

He knew exactly that this series of conversations was a play, so he did not participate in it for a long time, he was silent. It is no coincidence that it did not even come to the negotiations.

They focus heavily on the second, they both believe in the truth. According to Dad, there are people who have to judge the judge before a final decision is made.

But I do not want to talk about this anymore. Be a surprise to everyone

He said.

The son of László P. & # 39; s father went to all conversations, and at the time of the announcement of the verdict he was furiously proclaimed, saying that fundamental things did not provide any evidence,

The roadblock of Teréz exploded with life

Scandals broke out in court after the announcement of the sentence. The sister of László P. claims she was furious.

According to the judgment in the first instance, László P. can be released at the earliest 25 years later. The public prosecutor and the defendant's lawyer also appealed.

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