They found another creepy find in Tiszakürt

They found another unrivaled find at Tiszakürt

Literally at the last minute archaeologists found the 7300 year old well at the end of the settlement.

No doubt that Tiszakürt was brought to the archaeological map of Europe this summer. Another seven thousand-three-hundred-year-old canyon was found in the exploration of the M44 course. This means that archaeologists have found two of the three or four oldest Neolithic parlors. The well found on Thursday is in a particularly good condition.

This well comes from the Neolithic. There is no doubt that it is unique in Europe, since only four or five years have passed since then, "wrote" One of them was examined by the staff of János Damjanich from Szolnok on the same route and also at the border. from Tiszakürt ", said Gábor Váczi, senior research fellow at the ELTE Institute of Archeology.

The specialist said that the former pit was a log structure, but the current one is a so-called" bodonkút ", that is, a fawn structure The excavation was able to unravel the depth of three, three and a half feet, and nothing was found inside, because the users were nicely maintained and cleaned.

Interest is the tree structure of the tree. edge of the well During 7300 years it was so conserved that all the carving, joining and even joining the branches are nicely visible

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