They shot a citizen Bagon with a gas pistol

A 36-year-old bagi-man was arrested for suspicion of armed violence against a person who was running a public job.

According to the investigation, the man was in Bagon, Béke Square, on 9 September

he first began to tease with a servant in service, and then with the rubber-smeared gantry gun he had repeatedly been shot at the victim.

According to the primary data, the citizen has suffered a minor injury and his attacker has fled the stage.


Policemen in Gödöllő were identified shortly after data collection and assumed the suspected offender of the crime at Bagi's residence. During the search for real estate, the researchers found and took the suspected almanac weapon that was suspected of committing the crime.


The 36-year-old man was produced as a suspect at the Gödöllő police station and was detained and made a proposal for his arrest. (


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