This truck crashed into the M1 Gyrnl – tzr the srtda on one side, risi torlds – fotk | Gyr hrek | Gyr-Moson-Sopron

19.15 – There is a huge traffic jam on the highway in Gyr

"Hegyeshalom fell for 1 hour, the course and the roundabout went well after the M85. Who can do it, come on or go to the track", wrote Our Reader.

The reader's recordings were taken at the M85 / M1 junction.

18.12 – Fortunately, there is no serious injury

There were two trucks on the M1 motorway on the 123th kilometer long coast of the M1 motorway in the Gyr region, which led to Budapest. The vehicles remained for the arrival of professional firefighters and after two visits to the field two people were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. The unit has disconnected the trucks. The affected road section was closed, congestion is considerable.

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