To begin with, the Hungarian song starts with music

August is the beginning of the project of Hungarian music by Fuzzy, designed by Fudzsimoto Su, in the context of the Liget Budapest project. The educational, entertainment and concert halls can also open their doors in 2020.

You can open the Hungarian music festival by 2020, which starts in August, August and August. Project member of Minister Liget, Ban Lszl, announced Tuesday that the former office building of Hungexpo, designed by Fudzsimoto Szol, Fudzsimoto, is located to

more than a thousand square meters, and dozens are returned to the park.

Hungarian music designed for Vrosliget Hza is a tour through the Vrosliget Zrt.Forrs: MTI / Vrosliget Zrt.

Liget Budapest is the largest and most cultural development project in the world, which has already started: the Nprajzi Múzeum and the neighboring Mlygarja, the reconstruction of the Olof Palme Hz and the dog park are also used. Batta Andrs, the head of the Hungarian Hungarian music group, said the murders of the Vrosligeti

Shows the music of the music interactively,

as well as offering Hungarian and universal music concerts, and the first round will look at the past decades of Hungarian dance music. In the musical background of music there is also a special "soundm". In this flamble shape with domed, unique sound technology produce special loudspeakers. There is a concert hall, a shopping hall, music halls and a digital library and a free standing dungeon next to the hz.

August is the beginning of the Hza-ptse of Hungarian music, planned by Fudzsimoto SzuForrs: MTI / Vrosliget Zrt.

Fudzsimoto Szu, the inspiration for the season, was the favorite of Hungarian music Hza. The plet characteristics of floating hats are the top of the sound vibration with water birds, inspired by the hull, the side walls

the broadmindedness in the price tag,

The stubborn structure of the tetrahedron, similar to the leaves of the FK, takes the air to the inner spaces of the cave, "said Batta Andrs. You can view the plans of the Hungarian music Hza through this link.

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