Treasure hunt: the Swedes are still investigating

So, of course, they can not keep the reindeer legitimate.

Everything you said was a lie.

That's what he said Zsolt Semjén on Monday, the best-selling György Szilágyi, who rated corruption in Sweden as a corruption.

The Christian Democrats of the Deputy Prime Minister argued that the opposition politician did not report his allegations to NAV, the prosecution, the mentors' committee (of which the chairman was a co-party, ed.). And the procedure proves all its truth. Indeed!

The Swedes themselves said that they were all legitimate, regular and correct.

The RTL Club News asked at the same time if this was really the case. According to the Swedish authorities, the reality is that they have not yet closed the case and that the investigation is being carried out, as a farmer said that Zsolt Semjén shot a domestic reindeer.

Budapest, February 18, 2016
Zsolt Semjén Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Hungarian National Hunting Protection Team (OMVV) (b) and Michael Lüke, one of the owners of the German Blaser Armory Factory on the 23rd FeHoVa (weapons, hunting and hunting) in the Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center on February 18, 2016.
MTI Photo: Zoltán Máthé

WWF: It was stupid and illegal was the Swedish hunt for Semjén

This is how the hunting hail of the deputy prime minister is called the largest civil protection organization in Sweden in the world.

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