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The holidaymakers who benefit from the weekend deals have come. August is a must-see, but September can be a place to spend relaxing days in our country. In the countries closer to the equator, the summer weather is even more pleasant. Before we leave, there are many things to do, often we close the door behind us, we think of what we have forgotten, or something has been left unnecessarily in our house. With the following list of LG we want to help you avoid unpleasant surprises when you leave your accommodation.

What should I disable?

air conditioning: the apartment does not need a pleasant 23-25 ​​degree temperature in our absence.

water heater: the boiler must be switched off or the thermostat must be switched off, so in case of absence the appliance will not unnecessarily overheat the stored water. When returning home, make sure that the system is switched on again at least one hour before the first shower. There is no problem with the flow water heater systems, but if it is a gas powered device, the flame is actually burned unnecessarily until we are home.

Water and gas: By blocking the water tap, we do not specifically save money and energy, but we ensure that we do not have pipe breaks in the apartment as long as we are gone. The main valve of the gas can also be blocked for traveling.

Matches: burning the lights is a waste of energy during the holidays, so if we worry about the safety of the apartment, buy a few plugs with the timer.

Where do we come from?

Electronic devices with external power supply or power cord: laptops, video game consoles, loudspeakers, telephone chargers and other similar devices that continuously feed their power supplies. Disconnect all chargers, even if it is a tablet or electric toothbrush.

Electronic devices in standby or sleep mode: desktop computer, television, DVD or Blu-ray player, clock radio, radio and everything with a remote control. If the device has an "instant power on" function or if it is switched off, there is an LED light on, you can be sure that it is switched on constantly.

Small household utensils: toaster, mixer, coffee maker, microwave. Everything with a digital clock consumes electricity.


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