Viktor Orbán: The next fight is about defending the borders of Hungary

The Prime Minister spoke about Kossuth's radio: the new Brussels plan is that if we can not reach Hungary's permission to allow migrants, then we should be given the right to border protection. "They want to get the keystroke from us," he said.

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"The European Parliament must be regarded with all due respect, but it must be regarded as a continuous collection"

I am growling because, unlike external observers, I have experienced on my skin how it goes, "said the Hungarian prime minister on Kossuth's radio and said that Amnesty International called the day of the vote on the Sargentini report as an historic day.

What the Hungarian people saw on Tuesday and Wednesday was the past, the European Parliament must be regarded with due respect, but it must be seen as a run-off because they leave in May and people are elected, "he said.

Viktor Orbán made it clear that the EP has a majority for immigration, strives for a population change and that they want to respond to the EU problem by turning it into an immigrant continent. He said: our country is in the middle of the migratory route, migrants coming from the south can only enter the EU through us, so we had to say no. We have said that we must stop them, and we have set it up and our country has become a symbol of resistance to migration.

We would take the border guard from us

With regard to the Sargentini report, the prime minister said: "It was already so, it was called the Tavares report" that was born when Hungary repatriated the multics. The report, said the Prime Minister, was adopted by the EU.

"Now we look at the angle that has to hide in front of the bag", and the "point of view" is that after meeting with Angela Merkel for Macron he sent an ultimatum to the EU to bring a part of the border guard to Brussels . "The plan is that if Hungary can not be tempted to allow migrants, then we should get the right to border protection, they want to send no less than our mercenaries here from Brussels, instead of our Hungarians, police and soldiers who defend the border, whose homeland is important, and do not have our illusions: they will disappoint the migrants, "he said.

Our country responded to the accusations

In connection with Viktor Orbán Judith Sargentini's statement that the Hungarian government was unable to comment substantively on the allegations in the report, he said that a document containing more than 100 pages of comments on the report had been filed . There are thirty-seven points in the document, which is clearly an actual error, "he added.

The Prime Minister is of the opinion that the fight against immigration is decisive because it is the future of the EU. "There are immigration and immigration." Most of the EP immigrants are also part of the Immigration Party, the left-wing Hungarian parliamentarians, "he said, on the right, according to the head of the government, the situation is divisive, there is the conservative and the radical faction – they also voted for our country. "They voted for their own destiny, and they supported the anti-immigrant Hungary," he said.

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