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Until December 21, he extended the custody of the suspect of a fatal accident in the capital of Dózsa György in Budapest last year and he maintained control of his movement by following the central district court of Buda. The media were informed by the Metropolitan Tribunal on Wednesday of the decision of the previous day.

The motion of the public prosecutor was based on a still questionable decision, although the defender repeatedly suggested that he should prescribe "a" more cautious, more suspicious behavior of greater freedom of movement "for the man". The district court justified its decision to remain truly suspicious by the fact that in 2015, in Budapest, on Andrássy Avenue "jeopardized a road to a cyclist's injury", which was then wounded.

Richárd M., Dózsa György road wanderingSource: Origo

On May 15, 2017, in Budapest, on the Dózsa György road, he encountered a much higher speed than the allowed speed to the wrong car.

In the accident, two people died and several people were seriously injured.

According to suspicion it can be said that Mr. Richárd was drugged before the accident, although this did not affect his driving skills.

"The reason for the extension of criminal investigation is that he suspected a new criminal offense after a suspect due to a previous criminal offense and, on the other hand, depending on the criminal record of the suspect, subject to previous traffic violations According to the court, it could be argued that it would commit another offense in the case of imposing less restrictive rules of conduct on freedom of movement or freedom of movement, "they said in a statement.

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