How can you tell if Seresto is real

When shopping for Seresto products, you can verify authenticity of the product by looking for certain features. The packaging should include an anti-counterfeiting label with a hologram and a QR code. If these features are not present, it’s possible that the product is counterfeit or knock-off.

Next, check the expiration date on the collar and make sure that it has not expired. Additionally, look to see if there is an impurity that is visible when you look closely at the collar. Finally, check to see if any of the active ingredients are missing from the collar. If any of these points don’t add up, then your Seresto collar may be counterfeit or a fake.

It is also important to buy your Seresto products from certified retailers in order to guarantee its authenticity. Avoid purchasing products online from non-certified outlets as they can be potentially unsafe and unreliable. Also remember to follow all usage instructions included with your purchase in order to ensure safe and effective use of your Seresto product.

Check the packaging. Look for well-made, genuine packages that include barcodes and security features

If you’re considering buying a Seresto product, one of the best ways to ensure it’s genuine is to check the packaging. Look for well-made, genuine packages that include barcodes and security features. It should be clearly marked with the Seresto logo and print on all sides.

In some cases, counterfeit versions may include barcodes but they will not have the Seresto logo printed anywhere on the package. Similarly, if the printing quality is poor or blurred then it’s likely counterfeit. Additionally, avoid any packages lacking protective foil laminates as they are typically fake copies made with lesser quality materials.

Finally, make sure to look for magnetic stripes on the back of packages which validate its authenticity as genuine Seresto products carry these strips as tamper-proof indicators that can help you spot a fake version from an original one.

Check the logo. Make sure it follows the official guidelines

When trying to tell if Seresto is real, it’s important to pay attention to the logo. This logo should always be displayed on the packaging and should follow official guidelines set by Seresto.

First, make sure that the Seresto logo contains a heart-shape with a check mark inside the center of the heart. If there is no heart-shape or checkmark, then this product may be counterfeit. Additionally, look for the correct color scheme in order to see if it follows official guidelines. The logo should contain shades of blue, white, and yellow.

Additionally, you can also look for other telltale signs like an expiration date and a holographic sticker with security features; these are also found on genuine products only. If none of these elements are present on your product — or something doesn’t seem quite right — you should contact Seresto directly for assistance in determining authenticity.

Compare prices. Avoid products that are significantly below market value

One of the surefire ways to tell if Seresto products are real is to compare prices with reputable retailers. You should avoid any product that is significantly below market value. This could be a sign that it is a counterfeit product being offered at a discounted rate.

In addition, you can look out for package details and customer service contact information, expiration dates printed on the packaging and special features exclusive to genuine seresto products. Many counterfeits do not include these details and may also contain ingredients that are not found in the genuine products available on the market today.

Checking reviews online can provide additional insights into whether or not a product is genuine and may help give you an idea of the quality of its ingredients. If the item has very few reviews or they seem suspiciously fake, there’s a high chance you’re dealing with a counterfeit good.

Read customer reviews. Look for patterns of criticism from people who have bought counterfeit products

Reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to help determine if a product is real or counterfeit. Look for patterns of criticism from people who have bought counterfeit products and use it to identify Seresto. If a majority of customers are reporting poor quality, breaks in functionality, or the general feeling that they were deceived into buying a product, you can be sure that those are signs of counterfeit goods.

Additionally, when reading reviews, look for key indicators such as discrepancies in packaging compared to what is shown online or confirmation from customers about receiving items not marked as genuine. If customers are particularly vocal about experiencing issues with their purchase and can bore witness to changes like non-original packages or suspicious markings on the label, then it’s probably safe to assume that this is not an original Seresto item.

Final thoughts

By following these simple steps you can ensure that you purchase a genuine Seresto product and will have peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected from fleas and ticks.