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NEW DELHI: after renewal of the deadline twice, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the authority issuing the Aadhaar, is ready to complete the phased procedure. roll. facial recognition as an additional form of authentication from 15 September. The new feature will be implemented for telecom service providers (TSPs) for the first time. "The providers are hereby directed that with effect from September 15, 2018, at least 10 percent of their total monthly authentication transactions must be carried out in this way using face verification. Any shortcomings in face recognition transactions would be charged with Rs. per transaction, "said a UIDAI circular letter.

The UIDAI aims to limit the possibility of cloning with fingerprints with the function to be added soon. In June, a Hyderabad-based mobile SIM card distributor found Aadhaar data for activating thousands of SIM cards. The instruction for matching the live photo of the face with the eKYC photo only applies when Aadhaar is used for the issue of SIM cards. If the SIM card is issued in a different way, without Aadhaar, the instruction does not apply. The telecom department had previously said that the 12-digit number was not mandatory for obtaining a SIM card.

The UIDAI said that in situations where a person was unable to authenticate the fingerprint or iris, face verification could be used as an additional mode to make the system more inclusive. Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO of UIDAI, said that this would ensure that telco's offer face recognition facilities to customers who experience authentication problems as a result of worn fingerprints.

Many beneficiaries do not have access to various welfare programs because their fingerprints do not match the data stored in the UIDAI database. For authentication agencies other than TSPs, the UIDAI said that specific instructions would be issued on the implementation of the facial authentication function. On the extension of the previous deadline, UIDAI said that since a few device providers were not ready, authentication user agencies could not implement face verification.

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