Abhiraj Minawala: I have to prepare well before working with a superstar like Salman Khan Hindi film news

This Friday, while all eyes will be on Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain, the release of LoveYatri: Journey of Love & # 39; just as important for another newcomer, director Abhiraj Minawala. The young filmmaker takes us through his ambitions and expectations while making his debut with a Salman Khan production. He has improved his skills under the tutelage of prominent filmmakers and he hopes to have a long and successful career ahead of him. Excerpts …

How do you view your journey from Ali Abbas Zafar's assistant to Sultan, to making your debut as a director in a film produced by Salman Khan? "LoveYatri: Journey of Love & # 39; has also been part of controversy and attention. What were the challenges?

It has been a long journey from the first AD to a director. It takes a lot of patience to come this far. It started with the sets of & # 39; Sultan & # 39 ;, where I met Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma for the first time. Aayush tried to understand the operation of each department on a set. I knew he wanted to act, but not once did I realize that we would eventually launch our careers together. I took a year's break after Sultan and when I finally met Salman, he asked me for ideas and he wanted me to make a film for his banner. When I started working, I felt that Aayush could be a good match and he also liked the script.

What advice did your mentor Ali Abbas Zafar offer you?

He once told me that you should work for your first film in a room you know. Do not immediately take too many challenges. Take one step at a time and build a strong foundation for a longer and stronger career as a filmmaker. I stayed with that mantra. As a Gujarati I would be able to make good contact with & # 39; LoveYatri & # 39; s … & # 39; story. It is not that I have not found great stories for this, but it has made me the most enthusiastic. The family of my mother comes from Ahmedabad. I have spent many summer vacations there and I have seen several Navratri celebrations, which are clearly different from those in Mumbai. People are going to dance on all nine nights. I wanted to bring out these beautiful things about the state through a simple romantic story. Aayush plays Sushrut, who wants to start a garba academy, but nobody takes his ambition seriously. Warina plays Michelle, a Baroda girl who stays in London. They meet during Navrati, share a common passion for dance and fall in love. Is not that sweet and simple?

With the evolving taste of the public in cinema even modern love stories had to reinvent the formula. Do you think a simple love story like & # 39; LoveYatri … & # 39; will be able to appeal to contemporary sensitivities? Why do you think a simple story like & # 39; LoveYatri … & # 39; would appeal to contemporary sensitivities?

This film is like a hidden treasure waiting to be found. In the late 2000s, films such as & # 39; Khosla Ka Ghosla & # 39; and & # 39; Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! & # 39; opened doors for different types of stories, which can be placed in parts of the country outside of Mumbai. You will be surprised to know how many people like movies like & # 39; LoveYatri … & # 39; want to see. The last time I saw this kind of innocent romance was in & # 39; Jab Tak Hai Jaan & # 39 ;. I had worked on that film, so it was all the more special. Our film has a contemporary style, but also has the innocence of the films from the '90s, which is a rarity nowadays. More recently, I felt that & # 39; Bareilly Ki Barfi & # 39; people with the real texture of Uttar Pradesh introduced with a simple love story. In the same way, through a love story and a series of characters, I tried to introduce the country to the flavors of Gujarat. I'm sure people will enjoy this movie; this is the kind of romance that I feel has disappeared from the big screen.

The launch of a newcomer is a huge responsibility for every director or producer. In this case, Salman launches Aayush, his brother-in-law. Do you therefore feel much more pressure?

There is a lot of pressure on me, but that is not because Aayush is in the film. Salman has shown me confidence that I can control a film for his banner, and even more with his brother-in-law. He launches a new trio that is a big responsibility for all of us. The fact that he has confidence in us gives us a lot of self-confidence.

The Khan family is a close-knit unit. Because you worked with Salman and Aayush, what kind of report do you have with their family?

For me, Aayush is like a brother, but when I go to his house or Salman's house, I never forget where I go. At this moment I will go there if I have work. The family is indeed very loving and accepting. As Salim Khan saab saw the film and had only one thing to say: & # 39; It's a sweet movie. You have done justice to it. "It's a huge compliment." Ali had previously shown his films to him, and when Ali heard about it, he said: "It's great because if Salim does not like something, he has much more to tell." 39;

What was the reaction of Salman Khan?

He just smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

Now that you have directed a film for the flag of Salman, do you have aspirations to direct him in a film too?

Yes! I hope for something like that, but there is still a long way to go. I have to prepare well before I go to work with a superstar. My next movie depends on how people & # 39; LoveYatri … & # 39; receive

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