Bigg Boss 2 Tamil, episode 78: Daniel evicted, roommates, say he is not different from Mahat TV

The Sunday episode of Bigg Boss, season 2, started with Kamal Haasan and came immediately to the point: the expulsion of this week. However, the host did not give away the name immediately. He had Balaji, Janani and Daniel take part in a few tasks before announcing the name of the participant who would leave the house.

First he let Balaji, Janani and Daniel go through a box of eggs. It is announced that the participant who finds a green egg reaches the protected zone. After tense moments Balaji gets a green egg and is told that he was in the safe zone. Then Daniel and Janani were locked up in a box. The housemates expected that the person whose box could be unlocked first would be safe. Senrayan finds the key to unlock Daniel's box, but Kamal threw a twist here and said that Daniel would be the one to leave the show this week.

Daniel does not worry too much and is even excited to leave the house. He left the house after he went on his knees before Mumtaz, who blessed him. He then joined Kamal on stage and was asked to match appropriate adjectives with each participant in the house. While Daniel tuned each word, the participants in the house looked at what he had to say about each person. They are shocked to hear what Daniel has revealed on stage and when he is about to say goodbye, they tell him they have looked at everything. However, Daniel does not take it too seriously and wishes everyone the very best.

After Kamal said good-bye, the housemates discussed what Daniel had revealed at the show and wondered how different he was from Mahat who left last week. They also point out how mean it was to leave the side of Yaashika and Aishwarya, who happened to be the two participants who supported him from the beginning.

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