Bobby Deol About Doing Wrong Films: I never knew how to communicate

Meeting Bobby Deol is much like watching a phoenix in action after spending his time in purgatory. Post the success of Race 3, he says he feels more positive than ever and is determined to regain his lost glory – he practices regularly and meets filmmakers for work consistently.

He even missed the wedding of a cousin in Canada not to interrupt the promotions of his upcoming film Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se.
It is not difficult to rest comfortably on decayed glory if you are the son of Dharmendra and an actor who caused a furore in the nineties. But Bobby is not ok to have been a & # 39; to be. Interestingly, he has not been away from the movies for as long as he feels. Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 released in 2013 and Poster boys in 2017. But his successful films in the last 10 years have been few, and in each of them he was part of an ensemble cast with stars bigger than him.

The leading man of super heads like Gupt, Soldier and Humraaz until recently had top executives who avoided him.
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Bobby says he can not really tell what went wrong. "I think I chose to make the wrong films and it just started going downhill, if things go wrong, if you're not tough enough, you start to lose control of your career. I also got discouraged, did not care for myself, was a bit ignorant about how I should work and I was not professional as needed, "he says.

He accuses his bad network skills and adds: "When I started my career, several people came into the industry, so there was a lot of competition, they knew that for them to get work, they had to go to people's offices and they had to take everything they had, that's where I got a little lazy, I did not know that was the way to work, but now, since the last three years, I've been meeting people. "

Although the success of Race 3 has given him new energy, his pain is completely written off, even by his & # 39; friends & # 39; in the industry, evident. Ask him why he was completely under the radar before the promotions of Race 3 started, and he says: "At the time, I did not have any manners to communicate, I did not have a PR or a management company, I never knew how to communicate." ;

But what kind of an actor does not have a PR team today? The 49-year-old smile. "You know, years ago, I had asked a management company to do my job, they refused, they said they were sorry they could not do it for me, that person was a friend, but such examples make you stronger."

Despite being a Deol family, Bobby is acutely self-conscious. He says, "I know I should get work, I have to go out and look for it, I can not just stay at home and expect to get it."

After YPD Phir Sehe will act in it House 4. "I met Sajid Nadiadwala a year and a half ago, he told me that he always wanted to work with me and that he would think about it, but I told him that I would enjoy working with him, regardless of the length of the role I did not want to play the lead role, he was very honest with me, I was very honest with him and that's how I got the movie. "

What after House 4? Does he have anything else in store? Nothing definitive, he says. "I am looking for good movies, I do not care if they have two or three heroes, I have no problem getting the lead, the main role will come to me as soon as my position at the counter is improved. For now I want to do work that I enjoy and people like to watch. "

Like his older brother Sunny Deol, is he planning to go fast behind the camera? "I can not control people, you need a temperament, which I do not have, I just started again as an actor, so let me become an actor for a while," he says.

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