HBO publishes the first episode of the last episodes

The first images of the last season of Game of Thrones are finally here – but be warned, it offers only the smallest glimpse.

HBO dropped the small teaser as part of a wider clip that promoted the 2019 line-up of the network, of which Thrones is clearly the center point.

The new footage is buried among a lot of recordings of season seven – including a clip of Gendry that hurls an ax, Daenarys and Tyrion with a pensive moment and some dragon fire – and lets Jon Snow (Kit Harington) cuddle with Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) at their parental home from Winterfell, while giving someone a very shady glance look.

It can only be two seconds, but it points to a few things.

Firstly, it is now clear that Jon will return to Winterfell, where he has left Sansa as steward of the North, while he was hunting for White Walkers and had his relationship with Daenerys Targaryen (also known as his aunt).

Secondly, Sansa is clearly not happy with the arrival of someone. She also welcomes her lost brothers and sisters Arya and Bran in the absence of Jon, so perhaps it is the stress of hosting guests without prior notice in what quickly becomes a full house. It is doubtful that Jon is the cause of her side-eye – because the two have played a pretty formidable team, plus that he is cuddling him – so it's probably focused on Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) who last seen Jon had to sail to Winterfell with the end of season seven.

(It is also worth remembering that Tyrion, the right hand of Dany who probably also appears at Winterfell, is actually the former husband of Sansa, so maybe it's a marriage problem, but given the fact that they said goodbye to good conditions and mutual respect, it is also unlikely.)

It follows that the performance of the show may have been reduced from the beginning to mid-2019.

The HBO preview also included a first look at it Real detective& # 39; S long-awaited season three, new episodes of The Deuce, Veep and Meryl Streep at the cast of Big Little Lies season two.

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