Jayalalithaa would have shot down a biopic if she was alive

K-Town is in turmoil with news of a biopic on Jayalalithaa in progress. The film on former Prime Minister Tamil Nadu, who died on December 5, 2016, was announced earlier today after much speculation since the political leader breathed his last.

The film will be directed by AL Vijay, who is known for films such as Dheiva Thirumagal and Madharasapattinam, and will be financed by Brinda Prasad of Vibri Media.

Speaking of the biopic, Brinda said: "J Jayalalitha was one of those rare few regional leaders who have become a force to deal with Indian politics. His life is a source of inspiration for women of the whole world. This film will be a tribute to his achievements in film and politics. "

Brinda also revealed that the biopic will be staged on February 24 next year – Jayalalithaa's birthday. On the same day a poster of the film will also be published for the first time.

Now, Vidya Balan is among the stars considered for the role of the iconic leader.

One can safely say that producer Brinda and her team could not easily announce that such a project had Jayalalithaa alive today.

Jayalalithaa filed numerous cases against people who crossed lines with her and who were critical of her and her administration. One of the many victims is the journalist-writer Vaasanthi, who wrote a book about Jaya in 2011.

Entitled Jayalalitha: A Portrait, an excerpt of the book was published in a popular magazine before its publication. And this marked the beginning of difficult days for Vaasanthi.

A case was presented against the book in the High Court of Madras and Jaya obtained a permanent injunction against the book, which never saw the light of day.

Years of hard work by Vaasanthi produced nothing, which led to a state of depression for two years. Narrating his experience on a website, Vaasanthi said: "Devastating and scary, I was in a state of depression for two years."

Vaasanthi, who was editor of India Today Tamil magazine, was the target of Jaya TV and ADMK party men during the period. Vaasanthi said he was afraid of being in Tamil Nadu since he was afraid of an attack by supporters of Jaya.

When asked why Jayalalithaa wanted to banish his book, the writer said, "He did not want anyone to write about her." [19659002HoweverVaasanthipubblic├▓unaversionepi├╣breedbookcontrolledAmma:JourneyfromMovieStardiJayalalithaaaPoliticalQueenwhichwhatcontrolsthatthatthemalefromthediscussionsofJaya

After the disappearance of Jayalalithaa, Vaasanthi in an interview said: "I have reopened my voice".

Yes, the formidable Jayalalithaa has never allowed anyone to talk or tell his life story. She was not even ready for a biography; let alone a biographical film

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