Kajol wants a normal childhood for star children: they have other problems to deal with

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Kajol and Nysa

Being a celebrity comes with advantages and a packet of trouble.And in today's time, the star Children have to face more than their share of the limelight.

In an industry that seems to be divided on the paparazzi's attention to the children of the star, Kajol wants normality to return to the lives of children. [19659004] Kajol, who is a mother of Yug and Nysa, told an entertainment portal, "We all want the best for our children, [which is a life] without the pressure of [dealing with] media at that age. They have other problems to deal with. "

Like many of his colleagues, Kajol said it's the star and not their children who took a life in front of the cameras." We, as celebrities, have signed up for this profession. They are just born and should not be persecuted. Our children are too young to understand that the reason they have cameras is because their parents are stars. "

In a previous interview, Kajol said he was annoyed by Nysa's popularity with fans and the media, disturbing me when I think of my daughter and she went through a lot of nonsense. Bombay and you know I had people who stopped at airports and stuff like that, "Let's take a selfie".

He said that his family now understood how to react in such situations.

Kajol will be seen in Helicopter Eela, which will be released on September 7th.

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