PICS | Shah Rukh Khan inspires a fan to help the flood-stricken Kerala, the love of Disha Patani for gymnastics

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  • August 25, 2018, 06:20 AM IST

1. Shah Rukh Khan inspires fan club to support the relief work in Kerala

Shah Rukh Khan inspires fan club to support the relief work in Kerala


As a superstar and a national icon, Shah Rukh Khan is known for setting a good example. The actor, reportedly donated Rs 21 lakh through his foundation, to the relief fund of the Kerala Chief Relief for the floods affected and thus inspired his followers to also support this case.

King Khan, as he is also called, has a number of fan clubs in different parts of the country. One of them, who has a huge membership, has contributed collectively a large amount of aid to the South Indian state.

Fans who are members of the superstar's fan clubs have always followed the footsteps of their idol whenever they stepped forward to extend their support to a business. Like him, they too believe in contributing to the welfare of society as a whole.

2. Disha Patani loves MMA and gymnastics

Disha Patani loves MMA and gymnastics


While their profession often gives players the opportunity to do something new, they rarely get something that they personally like. That is one reason Disha Patani is happy that she has signed up for Salman Khan's following, BharatBecause it also gives her the opportunity to spend time on mixed martial arts (MMA) and gymnastics.

The Baaghi 2 actress, who plays a trapeze artiste in the leadership of Ali Abbas Zafar, had started learning MMA and gymnastics only a few months ago to be fit and flexible.

Disha, who also loves dance, apart from the two exercises, would fully enjoy her training in gymnastics and MMA. And given the challenge that her character has in store for her, she is all the more enthusiastic about the presentation of her new skills in the film.

3. A quiet birthday for Daisy Shah

A quiet birthday for Daisy Shah


Daisy Shah is today a year older and she decided to spend a quiet birthday this time. "I will celebrate the day with my family as always," she says, adding: "Because it is also my mother's birthday, we go for a quiet family dinner." Yesterday the Race 3 actress also visited an NGO, where she distributed gifts and spent some time with the children there.

4. Dharmendra: I was compared to James Dean

Dharmendra: I was compared to James Dean


Dharmendra, who recently visited the sets So Ka Dum, he experienced his struggling days while comparing it with Bollywood, where an entry is fairly easy. The actor used to work in field fields and cycled 100 kilometers every day to reach his destination. Salman Khan, who closely follows the experienced actor, said: "Dharamji is my example, I follow his acting skills and that is what inspires me to be a better actor".

Speaking of his struggle, the experienced actor said: "There was a time when a prestigious award ceremony did not give me first class tickets and I had to travel in the third class compartment of a train, never expected to arrive and leave after picking up. from the artists of the first class After reaching the office, with a short hair cut, the director compared me with James Dean and then my career kick started. "

5. Guess who? This debutante director is constantly lying

Guess who? This debutante director is constantly lying


This debutante director is constantly lying. The last time he got trouble, his crimes were angry with a Bollywood actor. He vehemently denied a & # 39; paste & # 39; to get, although the tamasha unfolded for a complete audience. Recently, the set of his film became the hot bed of controversy as certain things got out of hand.

Things that are so hot that the production house now has a representative on the set to guarantee a safe procedure. This, however naya nirdeshak, Is forever in denial mode. He took the social media to claim that his shooting went very smoothly. Of course it is another thing that he does not have the reputation to be satyavaadi Raja Harishchandra.

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