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It is no secret anymore that Priyanka Chopra opted for Salman Khan & # 39; Bharat & # 39; The actress recently engaged with the American singer Nick Jonas and is reportedly planning to quickly close the knot, which is why she left the film. Katrina Kaif stepped in from one day to the next for the same role. After this development there have been rumors that everything is not right between Priyanka and Salman because of her sudden decision to leave the film.

Salman unveiled at the press conference & # 39; Bigg Boss & # 39; however, he does not have such a grudge against Priyanka. The actor told BT: "She (Priyanka) had a reason to do that, it's just that the project got stuck, if we had known it before we could have worked it out better, she got engaged and said to her : & # 39; If you are engaged, then what is the need (of leaving the project)? & # 39; Then she said: & # 39; Shaadi karni hai & # 39 ;, which I said & # 39; Toh shaadi kar lo & # 39 ;. "Salman added," Priyanka's work lasted 75-80 days. Shaadi ke liye chaar din ka preparation, aur chaar din ki shaadi, aath din ke andar ho gayi aur phir uske bathe honeymoon So we said we will work it out but she was very clear that she did not want to be part of the film It must have been very difficult for her to make this decision because she really wanted to work on this project. Arpita (the sister of Salman) called a thousand times, saying: & # 39; I want to work with Salman & # 39; she even called Ali (Abbas Zafar, director) n and told him: & # 39; See if you can give me something in this movie. "

Talking about the possible reasons why Priyanka stopped the film, he added: "This had to be done because of the wedding or because she did not want to work with me anymore, or it may not be in the Humari industry (Bollywood). ) want to work or just want to work in Hollywood, whatever she wants to do, I wish her the very best in her life, and we are happy that she is engaged and happy. & # 39;

Salman said he was very happy that Katrina arrived at the last minute. He said: "It was really generous of Katrina, she had to speak to Shah Rukh and work out her dates, and it was also very nice of Shah Rukh to shift the data of his project that he is working so hard on. and have a song in it. "

Interestingly, when we asked Salman if Katrina was the first choice for & # 39; Bharat & # 39; should have been, he revealed: "The first choice of Atul (Agnihotri, producer) and baby" s (Alvira, Salman & # 39; s sister) was Katrina.But because Ali and Priyanka have worked together, Ali wanted to cooperate with her , because she told Ali she wanted to work in the movie, it was a coincidence that Priyanka did not manage to give us the data we wanted and she was very nice enough to tell us that in the nick of time. & # 39;

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