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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal stops eating at home to avoid Nandini

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Nandini in a still by Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka.

Mauli tells Nandini not to have breakfast for Kunal as he Nandini is a bit surprised, since he had already prepared paratha for him, Kunal's mother asks why he left early and Mauli says he does not know, but there may be some emergency.

Nandini stiffens feeling this as if Kunal had told her that he would not come in front of her if it made her feel better, Mauli calls Kunal and asks him how she is and asks why she's so stressful when she leaves early in the morning and arrives Back to late at night

A stressed Nandini tries to find a solution and prepares tea and lunch for Kunal and keeps her on the dining table, then goes back to her room, Kunal still leaves the tiffin behind her, much to Nandini's disappointment, she decides to open the door and follow him, but something stops her. Even Kunal waits a little and then takes the elevator. When Nandini finally takes off the courage to open the door, Kunal is no longer.

Mauli brings the tiffin to the office and tells him that Nandini has made his favorite stuffed karela. When Kunal learns that lunch is done by Nandini, he makes an excuse that he had to attend an urgent meeting with Sharad in another half hour and can not eat right now. But Mauli asks her to have lunch with him and share it with Sharad.

When Kunal returns, Nandini controls the tiffin and it is sad to see that he has not eaten. Mauli is worried about Kunal and shares her concern with her mother-in-law. They discuss how Kunal has not eaten at home for many days. Nandini is beside himself and perceives the gravity of the situation.

Mauli decides to talk to Kunal about this. Although Nandini respects the fact that Kunal is doing it to keep a distance between him and her, but is tended to the fact that this is affecting his family. Nandini calls Kunal and says nothing. Kunal realizes that it is Nandini and wants her to speak something. She shed tears, but can not say anything.

Kunal returns home rather late. Mauli wakes up and decides to talk to him. She asks him what he has these days and avoids a conversation about it by saying that he is trying to fulfill an old commitment. He adds that nobody has to worry about home.

Mauli is about to leave for an emergency when Dida prevents her from going because the weather in Mumbai will be problematic according to the forecast. Kunal says he will drop Mauli because he can not allow him to leave with such a bad time. After leaving her, Kunal leaves for the hospital and when Dida stops him, he says doctors should be on duty at this time because people have more chances to get hurt

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