The actress Naagin, Aashka Goradia, has been trolled by the lips: I'm not ashamed

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Aashka Goradia

The TV actress Aashka Goradia, who entered the world of telly in 2002, is a popular name today in the entertainment industry, not just her acting skills, her fans also follow her workout videos and suggestions of glamor transformation on social media.

Her drastic transformation, posting her marriage with Brent Goble did not go unnoticed and doing yoga to get that perfect body Not only his chiseled navel, but also his sulky lips became the words of the city. Many have also trolled for this sudden transformation and have hypothesized a possible labial work.

So, recently he decided to close them all for once, admitting he had done a little job, in a conversation with Mumbai Mirror he said: "My husband (Brent Gob i) made me realize that there is nothing to hide. Yes, people will be ashamed, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. I wanted to do something in the face, and this is my choice. And I know that opening up sometimes is the only way to close people. I have always loved makeup, human faces and all we can do. With the technology I had the choice to do it even better and I went ahead with it. But the procedure was preceded by a lot of research. "

He also said:" I would like to have a sob story to tell you but there is not. I just wanted full lips and I decided to go for them. But who is asked how: "How much plastic has entered your lips?" in a press conference with 20 people around is not how I would like to face it. I want to repeat here that I decided to do something in the face and this is my choice. I am my sculptor, my own painter! "

He has participated in performances such as Kkusum, Kahiin in Hoga, Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Bigg Boss 6 and Naagin 2 to name a few.

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