The trailer of Made in India, memes on the howling face of Anushka Sharma become viral on Twitter – Entertainment News, Firstpost

The trailer for Sui Dhaaga: Made in India showed Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan that aimed at self-sufficiency. However, the 3-minute and 12-second video unleashed the web with a scene, in which Anushka Sharma howling was seen while accompanying the Mauji of Varun Dhawan.

The moment of tears of joy immediately became fodder for the gentlemen who channeled all their ingenuity and devised it:

No Mumbai resident is not aware of the city's travel problems. With traffic jams that make up most of the waking hours for crowded local trains, every moment of comfort on wheels is not only appreciated but also important enough to be memes.

The other fight that almost every millennium refers to is "adulting" or recruitment of responsibilities that are forced upon you once you reach adulthood.

This is for and by those who have been subjected to this situation.

This is another tweet that states that travel problems are not theories. They are as real as they can be.

Because the love for academics is one that usually develops after that a person leaves school and college, the expression of Anushka Sharma became the representation of every student who had the habit of sneaking up in the Tintin comics inside the gigantic geography textbooks.

Perhaps the most accurate observation in the history of mankind:

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