Their experiences have helped us to survive: Sonu Sood

"My father always wanted to be a soldier, but he could not be, and when I told him that I would play a soldier in JP Dutta's Paltan film, he was very excited, I wish he was there to watch the film. but somewhere up there he must be happy, "says Sonu Sood, who lost his father last January.

For the actor, the best part of the Paltan experience was to make contact with the soldiers stationed at the Khardung La pass in Ladakh. "The soldiers would tell us war stories, show us their bullet wounds and their medals, their experiences seriously inspired us and helped us survive," says Sonu, adding: "We were at 5.30 in the morning. I woke up, trained and photographed all day long, it was really cold, almost -25 degrees, when we shot in November and December, but when you get into a soldier's uniform, you do not feel the cold or the need for oxygen. "

Sonu, who is known as one of the strongest actors in the industry, adds that early morning shoots and training sessions do not disturb him, because it is a scheme he has been accustomed to most of his life. My mother was a professor and she would wake me up every morning at half past six. I've had that routine since I was a kid. So it's not hard to wake up and face the camera at any time, "he says.

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