Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira, Kartik revisit their past

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A catch by Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Kartik receives a call from his divorce attorney but is unable to listen to him because of a bad network, tells him that they will have to come to court because he managed to get the final hearing today, while the Naira lawyer sends her the same but she is interrupted and does not see the message Nandini tells Naitik that it would have been nice if his mother would have been at the wedding.

Kartik comforts and says that they are doing everything possible to gather Kartik, Naira, as they pray, Bhabhi Maa is playing a special puja for them at the temple The call from Jeweler makes Rukmini worried because he wants Rs 5 lakh. You will be worried if his son Mohit learns that he has not rented but bought the jewels, he will be furious Kartik listens to Luv-Kush remembering his marriage to Naira. [19659004] Goenkas welcome Sin ghanias. Kartik and Naira are seen and remember their marriage. Suddenly everyone enters a panic mode when Luv and Kush show them Mansi's letter and inform them that she is missing. They read her letter, where she raises her doubts about conducting a happy married life. Surekha blames Kartik for all this and reminds him that she had asked him to delay the divorce process but did not listen to them and their constant struggles led Mansi to deny marriage.

Naira looks for her and hears Mansi sobbing in the warehouse. Call Kartik and the two try to make her understand that it is not necessary if their marriage did not work, she will see the same fate. It is not fair to compare because sometimes situations are not under control and can not be improved even if they wish. Kartik tells her to never lose hope or surrender. Anmol arrives and assures her his love and takes Mansi for the wedding. Naira leaves when she rushes into a trunk and all her belongings, including her wedding lehenga, stumble across the wedding pictures.

Meanwhile, Rukmini is worried because he is not able to organize Rs 5 lakh for jewels. He sees a bundle of bills in Mansi's rifle. He takes them and keeps them in his custody and, interestingly, Luv and Kush see her take some money.

Kartik and Naira change things while their alter egos want reconciliation. They reorganize the stuff and recall their romantic moments but they do not say a word. After they have finished reorganizing, Luv and Kush tell them that everyone is looking for them.

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