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Vijay Deverakonda about the overwhelming reaction to his new version Geetha Govindam.

What has the answer been so far? Has the public understood your impatience with conventional treatment of love and courtship?

The answer is shocking. I can not even begin to judge what it is that happens. My phone is ringing. Everyone tries to understand what is happening. It's crazy! I'm not even trying to understand the reaction Geetha Govindam.

The film is about the dynamics of courtship in a healthy way. How many of your own views are projected into the film?

I am figuring out my personal opinion. And evolves like a person every day. I have no fixed views about men's women and other things. How I feel about different things is constantly changing, evolving. The breaking of molds was not our intention. It is only a happy by-product.

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In the film, the heroine lets you take advantage of your vulnerable situation. Normally it is men who prove to be exploitative?

More than to exploit, I feel that she has this pent-up anger and frustration at seeing him. She is gracious enough to give him the benefit of the doubt and to say that he was not the one who bothered her when her brother asked during their first encounter to see the trauma that it would affect his family. But that did not in any way mean that she forgives him, and they are forced because of situations to spend so much time together. So she gives him a difficult time. I do not blame her.

But are men often wrongly accused of sexual harassment?

That is an extremely scary and uncomfortable thought. But in Geetha Govindam he should not have been unintentionally in that position. He could have prevented him from being friendly to a girl (Rashmika) he had just met.

You consciously break the standard through your roles and films?

It is more unconscious. I am more attracted by this stuff.

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Although clean healthy, etc. The film is not shy about the gender equations. Do you think it's time that Telugu cinema investigates the comparison between man and woman beyond ground level?

Cinema is growing everywhere. We are no exception. I'm happy Geetha Govindam has found an audience. If that were not the case, I would still not embrace the conventional. I'm not that.

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