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Pune: Approximately 19.65 lakh children in Maharashtra received the oral polio vaccine (OPV) that falls under the lens after 1.5 lakh vials throughout the country contain the type 2 polio variable. Health officials said there was no reason to worry because supervision was strong, but experts pointed out that the vaccine virus landed in the faeces of immunized children that could cause paralysis of the vaccine virus.

The erroneous introduction of the type 2 strain in the bivalent OPV manufactured by Ghaziabad-based company Biomed has caused an excitement because the strain is one of the three polioviruses that have been exterminated and the vaccination against them has been withdrawn worldwide.

Around 1.5 lakh bottles of the polio vaccine were found to be infected with type 2 polio virus across the country. Children born after April 2016, when the type 2 virus was withdrawn worldwide, including India, have no immunity for this specific virus, according to sources.

The government's fear, says the health official of the state that the children who have been given the vaccine are not at risk, because the virus used in a vaccine is weakened and non-infectious.

Experts say, however, that the vaccine virus that ends up in the faeces of immunized children can cause paralysis symptoms of the vaccine virus. Children born after 2016 who have no immunity against the type 2 virus have a higher risk of getting the vaccine virus.

State immunization officer Dilip Patil said: "We have stopped using the doses of Biomed's bivalent oral polio vaccine as of Sept. 11. We have already reinforced the persistent acute weak paralysis (AFP) monitoring. identify who received this vaccine, but our surveillance covers the entire population, so there is no reason to panic. "

Not all but only certain batches of Biomed's vaccine were found to be infected.

This confirmed, said public health expert Archana Patil, additional director of the state welfare agency, the health department of the state, "We have received orders from the health ministry to stop the use of vaccines delivered by Biomed, regardless of whether the vaccine bottles we have received from the infected parties or not. "

When he contacted, Pune Municipal Corporation's immunization officer, Amit Shah, said the public body has not received the polio vaccines from Biomed from the government. "We have no stock of Biomed's oral polio vaccines, we have received vaccines developed by Panacea Biotech."

Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation's additional medical officer Pawan Salve said: "We have received a supply of stock of vaccines delivered by Biomed, but we have already stopped using it from September 11. We will use the data from its use collect. "

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