Awareness over vaccination after last year's impotency rumors

Guwahati, Aug 16 (UNI)
Hailakandi district of Southern Assam, the district administration today launched a
awareness campaign targeting the religious minority section, which had resisted the
vaccination drive.

In a bid to muster support for the upcoming measles Rubella (MR) vaccination
campaign, the Hailakandi district administration held a meeting with the religious
leaders of the minority community.
Commissioner Adil Khan appealed to them to extend support to the MR vaccination
campaign launched by the government and supported by WHO to protect the children

Seeking support for the religious leaders in spreading the message that the MR
vaccine is highly safe and effective, Khan said, "The mission will be a success in
district if no child is left out of the vaccination drive."
Khan also made

of the campaign for the MR vaccine among the people belonging to their community
of the campaign.

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