Dengue outbreak is under control, not epidemic: Min

Dengue is capable of well under control. It has not assumed any form of epidemic. The private hospitals in the state have also been instructed to treat the patients. Government hospitals are already prepared for it. The government is strict against private hospitals, if they deny the treatment of the patients, "said health minister Ajay Chandrakar.

More than fourteen days have elapsed after the knuckles have spread their tentacles in different parts of the state with death toll above twenty This is the first time, the Minister of Health has come to comment on the threat to the media

In answer to a question why he has not visited dengue victims in hospitals, even after the situation is grim The Minister said that the visit of VIPs also brought the attention of the hospital authority to maladministration.To prevent such a peculiar situation and to cause the patients discomfort, he has refrained from visiting the hospitals. "I (Minister) keep an eye on the situation in the capital and do my work ", he said.

The private hospitals too e-contracted to treat patients free of charge under Smart Card and Sanjeevani schemes, looking at the unavailability of beds in government hospitals, he said.

The minister also called on the ordinary people to adjust and clean up the collected water while the mosquitoes breed there. He also called on wearing full clothing from shoulder to bottom as a preventive measure against mosquito bites.

Regarding the strike of the employees of Sanjiwani-108 and Mahtari-102, the minister states that the employees must be patient as the government is with them. There have been discussions about the financial requirements that have been set by them. The government patiently examines their other demands, he said.

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