Diet is a four-letter word that you have to remove from your vocabulary

It is lunchtime and your colleagues are inviting you to have lunch. You want to go …. but you try to diets! What are you doing?

Do you ever wonder why a diet is so difficult? We hate to miss everything. So all you have to do is diet.

Yes, you may have goals … and goals are good. Have you ever decided to change a lifestyle towards healthier food ….. do not say no to everything.

It sounds simple enough …. eat food that is not bad for you ….. and even eat smaller portions.

Load on proteins such as chicken and fish. Do not forget to eat those vegetables as your mother always said. Your body will thank you for that.

It's good to have that fries ….. or pizza … say yes to lunch with your colleagues … just limit the amount of bad food you have. Try to make healthier choices. If you have a bad weekend and go far from your healthy food … that's fine. Make sure you start again.

Where is your favorite lunch address to go with your colleagues? What is your healthy meal? Comment below.

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