Himachal Pradesh has special health centers for adolescents

Under the National Adolescent Health Program special health centers run in Himachal Pradesh to solve problems of teenagers in the state. According to the Daily Pioneer report, National Health Mission Director, Manmohan Sharma, said that counseling of health problems would provide consultation and treatment to adolescent youth in all regional and zonal hospitals on Sunday.

He also said that for the proper care of adolescents, special health centers are needed. Kishor Mitra Health Centers are being set up under the National Adolescent Health Program. Adolescence is a very important stage of life when youth determines the direction and motives of their lives.

Many adolescents visit these centers daily for consultation and treatment of addictions and other sexual disorders.

Consultation services are offered to all young people by trained counselors in regional and zonal hospitals of the state. They give advice on important health problems, such as childbirth, nutrition, contraception, puberty, reproduction-transmitted infections and prevention of sexually transmitted infections. The center also supplies iron folic acid and albendazole, sanitary napkins, contraceptives and essential medicines to all adolescents.

Serious problems such as abuse of drugs, reproduction or transmissible infections, menstrual disorders, sexual anxiety, mental health and mental stress, treatment of non-transitive diseases and other common ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. are being cured by trained medical officers.

Schools for health education are also organized at school and in communities. Health awareness activities are organized during the national health and nutrition day.

In order to prevent HIV infection, linkage and consultation have been established for ICTC facilities. Treatment of menstrual irregularities and sexual concerns of adolescence is ensured in a specialized institution.

The state government has proclaimed these centers as & youth; ##; Youth Consultation Center & # 39; to make adolescents friendly to these clinics. These centers are designed to help teenagers get rid of social ailments and choose the right direction in life.

Published: 10 September 2018 10:07

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