115-foot parachutes to bring the first British rover ‘Rosalind Franklin’ to Mars in 2023

The British Mars robot ‘Rosalind Franklin’ will land on the surface of the Red Planet in early 2023 using 115-foot parachutes.

The British Mars rover will be launched in September 2022 (Image: Reuters / representational)

The British Mars robot ‘Rosalind Franklin’ is set to land on the surface of the Red Planet in 2023 after a successful test in the Oregon desert. The tests will include 115-foot parachutes that will bring the UK’s first-ever Mars rover to the Red Planet.

The team working on the tests said the full high-altitude drop test of the parachutes, which fell from 28.96 km above the desert, worked as expected.

The Mars rover ‘Rosalind Franklin’ was supposed to be launched earlier this year, but the launch was delayed due to the new corona virus.

The launch of the second Mars mission was initially scheduled for July or August this year. But the two space agencies said they are now delaying the launch until a date between August and October 2022.

The mission plans to place a rover vehicle, the Rosalind Franklin, on the surface of the red planet to help it search for signs of past life.

Now the British Mars rover will launch in September 2022 and land on the surface of the Red Planet in early 2023.

Rosalind Franklin is one of three Mars rovers that are either headed for the Red Planet or will be launched in the next two years. The other rovers are Nasa’s Perseverance and China’s Tianwen-1. They launched this year and are expected to land on Mars in February 2021.

The first chute will open when the module slows down from 13,048 mph to 1,056 mph. About 20 seconds later the second parachute opens. When only half a mile from the surface, the interrupts will kick in and land the rover on the surface of Mars.

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